Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Here are some of the Christmas pictures I took of Clay and Caiden. I attempted to take family photos so I could get some Christmas Cards printed BUT that did not go soo smoothly. They were really really bad. BUT since we have to go to church tonight for a Christmas program I figured we could take another try at them. Mabey tomorrow there will be a picture post of my entire family...a decent picture...

Merry Christmas

Oh my

Ok..I really didn't realize that I have left this blog thing a long time ago. I am guilty of using myspace...I just love it...I really like the way my blog appears but..heck I don't know...mabey I can keep up with both of them. Well Christmas is almost here. I just cannot believe it. It has really gotton out of hand though..I mean come on..between the XBox and Wii and the other units. There is just too much stuff kids want. What happened to them being grateful for the basic things. Now they are made fun of it they don't get the "hot" toys for christmas. Christmas is about Jesus and our Lord and Savior, it is about being with family and singing songs together. It is about hot cocoa and peppermint sticks, board games and laughing. that I am off my soap box I feel better. I am going to try and put some picture on here...the hidden word there was going... :) Talk to ya soon...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Its Been A While

Ok..I know it has been a while since I have been on to blog and I have been cheating around a bit...I have been doing.....MySpace.... I know..I am soo bad. But I will try and keep both up to date... Whats new...well, we just got back from our weeklong vacation in Panama City Beach Florida. It was wonderful the sun, sand, and was beautiful. I have been spending alot of time with my brothers...ok well one of them and then other one I have been talking and texting alot. This is a newfound for me. I have only met Johne once and Eric lives in town with me so I get to spend lots of time around them. Jordy and Becky (Brad's brother) well they set a wedding date. May 19, 2007. I got to go with her to pick a dress is magnificent. We had a blast. Clay is now 8 and Caiden is 3...boy do they grow up fast. But other than best friend Jackie is expecting a little girl... Abbigail Raven and my sister in law is expecting...and we are not sure what she is having yet.. My sister had a baby the other day a little girl. Kaylee Grace. Boy I am going to say away from the water for a while. Well I am going to sign off for now...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Stuff about me!!!

I saw this on a friend's blog, thanks was a great idea.

:: My pajamas have to match in order for me to have a good nights sleep.

:: I never wash my face before bed, you always look better when you wake up with makeup on.

:: I am a messy and an organized person all in one.

:: I am not a good driver but I am certainly not a good one eithe.

:: I LOVE ink pens- I think I own one of every kind.

:: I HATE hair- I gag at the thought of a loose hair on my shoulder or even worse a wet one from washing your hair in the shower... UGH....

:: I call myself a scrapbooker and a photographer yet I have never completed and album of either one.

:: I have a spending problem-I love to shop. ( like that was a surprise to anyone)

:: I wake up as happy as happy as I go to bed.

:: I love to clean and to have a clean house but ironically enough, I am never in the mood to clean when things need to be cleaned...only when things are tidy and in order.

:: I always rinse out cans before I throw them in the garbage.

:: I LOVE being a mom!!!

:: I always write down a "To Do List" but never seem to follow my list.

Well that is all that I can think of for the time being. I am sure there is lots more to say... :) I will have to do an update on Monday.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hello All!

I keep forgetting that I have this thing...I really mean to blog atleast once a week. BUT... I hope things are going well for my friends. Things have been busy here...Clay has been playing ball and getting better at it all the time. Caiden is getting bigger every day...and she thinks she is grown. Jordy and Rebekah are putting together their plans for getting married and Misty has been accepted to Shelton State College in Tuscaloosa Al. She is moving out in August to start school...and BTW she got a scholarship for the dance team...she is soo excited. I am getting to go to Texas for my brother Dail's wedding..I am really excited about going since there is alot of my family I have never met...So I am nervous and excited all in one. I hope that I fit in with them and such forth. My brother that lives here is wonderful and we all get along great...we have kids around the same age and we see each other alot at the all fields...hopefully we will become closer over time and can be close to the kids... Well I better sign off for now..I am starving and I am waiting on lunch...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Its me again

Well its me again. I swear I sometimes forget I even have this thing. Life is going well for me...just staying busy. My sister in law Misty is graduating High School this weekend, Clay had baseball games everytime I turn around, and then one of my brothers is getting married in Texas and I am trying to figure out how to make it to that..I mean how do you come up with money when you really don't have any to spare or to start with. If I don't get to go it will be ok, I will survive, but I would really like to meet the family I have never met before. ( ok whole different story) anyway.. Why is it that things happen in 3's... A girl I work with, her mom had breast cancer and then was diagnosed with Luekemia, and then the girl herself was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and now a best friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I just don't see what is going on. I know that God challenges his flock and if we were not recieving challanges we are just not doing things right BUT why do things have to be so painful, having your soul just ripped out to think about my close family having to go through Heck on earth with Chemo and radiation, ports, nausea, and all the other things that a body has to go through. The only thing I as an indiviual can do is pray, pray for strength to be their friend, pray for their strength to survive and be strong. Pray for their faith to stay near and never let them falter. I pray for their well being. Well I will get off my soapbox at the moment. I will try and post something later..mabey even some pics. Pam, I am with you, I hope that all goes well and I am always here for you. I love are like a sister to me...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Meadow Babies

Meadow Babies
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The kids kept running everywhere while I was taking Brad's pics... I took this b/c I thought it looked soo cute them running and walking back to me...

Mother & Daughter

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Sweet angel Caiden. She is soo sweet. I cannot believe she actually sat long enough for a picture.

My Guys

My Guys
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This was taken Easter afternoon. My guys are soo sweet together...well most of the time. This picture is a rare occasion.

Easter Babies

Easter Babies
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Easter 2006. I loved that I used blue on them. With Clay's blonde hair and Caiden's blue eyes they just looked soo perfect. I think this picture really captures "my children"

My survivors

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Here are my survivors...every year at Relay they have a survivors lap...where everyone present can honor the ones are fought or is fighting the battle against that horrible disease... In the picture is Amber Norman ( my inspiration) and my parents Virgil & Mary Blalock (my life) I am so proud of them. They have all come such a long way. Way To Go "My Survivors"

Wheelbarrow Race

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This soo looks easier that it really is... I mean..even skinny Becky...legs are just heavy... but...we gave it our all...and........ lost...we didn't win this one..but that is ok...look at us...we are having a blast...

Sam & Rachel

sam & rach
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Sam and I have been friends since we all piled into my car and went to New Orleans several years back...and to this day...we love to take a photo together... We were at Relay For Life 2006 and had soo much fun..

Elvis, Stan and Me!!!

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I told Stan that I wanted a picture with Elvis...boy did he ever come through for me. "Elvis" sang for Relay for Life and Stan came and filmed it for him.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Well today is my birthday...I guess that could be a good thing since I have come along another year... I am now 26. I know that is not old...but why does it feel so bad... 25 wasn't bad...but 26 just sounds BAD... Almost 30 and I haven't accomplished anything that I wanted to...yes I am a mother and a wife..and I love it..never would I even think about changing it ( like you could go back in time.. teeheet) But I don't know...I guess it is just one of those days. It has been nice though.. The first thing this morning my daddy called me and wished his princess a happy birthday, then I got to work and Jackie ( best friend) brought me fun and happy balloon and a wonderfully smelling candle and a wonderful "Rachel's Photo's" brag book..I cannot wait to fill it. Then my other friends Toni, Showaun, and Margaret gave me some cupcakes and a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants Zachary's. Then some more friends of mine took me to lunch, Jackie, Samantha, Celsie, and Evie...I had so much fun... I threatened them that if ANYONE sang to me I would murder them.. :) I am really shy when it comes that that stuff. :) I got some text messages and such from some of my family wishing me a happy birthday... I decided to skip the gym tonight..I mean who wants to workout on their birthday... I will probably go home and cook some chicken spagetti and have my sister in laws come over and eat...I guess my own little birthday party... the way...we are in this weightloss thingy at work and I have lost a total of 8 1/2 pounds... I am doing the Weight Watchers program... I am very proud of myself and next friday we weight in...IF I lose the most weight...then I win the pot....It is like 120.00.. heck yeah.. :)